BURNING HUMAN - Resurrection Through Fire

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Label: Koch
Rating: 2 Guns

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Burning Human

Written By: Dashiell Arkenstone

Any time that this band is mentioned, “featuring Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall” is sure to follow. Unnecessary. If anything, Jason Bittner should be known for this band!

Burning Human’s debut full length “Resurrection Through Fire” provides crushing, honest death metal that could’ve easily come from Florida. With a definite old-school approach, they keep it simple and on point with rudimentary riffage, leaving plenty of room for Bittner to utilize his many hi-hats and maintain a pretty constant double bass. This is very apparent, as the drums are way louder than everything else, with the vocals to follow, in true metal-core form.

Looking past the East-Coast chugga-chugga that the album gets lost in at times, it’s quite reminiscent of the early releases of Death, Morbid Angel and Deicide. Not bad, but with the involvement of James Murphy as producer, whose contribution to American death metal can be traced back to the late 80’s, one would expect an album worthy of the likes of such death metal giants. Murphy is well known in the death metal community for his guitar work on albums such as Death’s Spiritual Healing and Obituary’s Cause of Death as well as guest spots for Malevolent Creation and Gorguts, to name a few, where his killer solos squeal supreme. Needless to say, he knows his shit.

After an intro that may have been ripped from a ‘Scary sounds of Halloween’ CD, the album gets underway with the crowd pleasing “Tormented Mind”, which they chose as their first single. The whole record is pretty much summed up in the next five minutes with “As Good As Dead”, showcasing the dynamics of their two guitarists, some d-beat and double bass work, and a few kick ass solos.

“Resurrection Through Fire” exhibits a hard-hitting assault of pure crunch, flawless and well-placed blasts and grunts conjured from the throat. It’s not very evil or progressive (or very brutal for that matter), but its full on aggressiveness and solid technique is sure to speak to fans of true Florida Death Metal and in some way offers tribute to the godfathers that laid the foundation for extreme music, making it what it is today.

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