Follow Your Failure - A New Beginning

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Written By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

Rising up from murky depths of the Los Angeles terrain, Follow Your Failure has brought its five members together to format an energetic, melodic, progressive style of rock n roll flare, with heavy metal flavor and heavy misguided riffs thrown in between. "A New Beginning...," is a brief introduction, exposing an intro, middle, and end very brief and quick minded but it gathers everything together in one quick shot. "Don't Say Goodbye," goes down the lines of having that fast intense aggression tone of attitude sounding a lot like Bullet for my Valentine's "4 Words (To Choke Upon)." Whereas "Something Wrong," creates its heaviness found at the start and middle sections leaving the ending to just draw a quick ending this tune sounding similar to As I Lay Dying's "Through Struggle."

Tying it altogether with "Unpredicted," this one just pulls you into the music as soon as it starts - Perfect for the mellow listener. Both the instrumentals and vocals used throughout this EP seem to place itself on the heavy side while still evening it all out. Vocally and lyrically speaking, the lyrics are emotionally set, putting you at ease with how you can relate to what the musicians are saying.

Follow Your Failure's "A New Beginning...," is an EP that leads to the start of something, something that shall define world domination.

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