Every Time I Die Interview with Keith Buckley

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Written By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

Eleven years strong and five albums to date, Every Time I Die has done it all; from music-making to performing, all over the world. Their frontman, Keith Buckley, caught up with me through via email – telling me about what’s in store for the band as far as touring goes along with details about the band’s upcoming release “New Junk Aesthetic."

NP: Does the whole album creation process simply get more difficult as time goes on? Have you guys ever felt pressure to top yourselves?

Keith: It has gotten way easier over the years. I think as an artist, you always wanna top yourself, you always wanna create better art. That’s how I’ve always thought, I’ve never really thought about toping myself, it’s just happens.

NP: That being said, was there an intention to create an album which was a reaction to "The Big Dirty?"

Keith: Nah, we just really wanted to keep the gnarliness up and running. I think that record set a bar for us and kinda made us who we always wanted to be.

NP: It's funny how we're talking about all the tools we have at our disposal now, when bands in the 70s would've thought it ludicrous for an album to not sound like actual people were making the noises!

Keith: Ha! I think the sounds they were making in the 70's blew doors on all the noises people make nowadays. I guess it’s a double-edged sword. I’m sure Pete Townsend is at home wishing he got the sounds Attack! Attack! are making.

NP: What kind of steps does "New Junk Aesthetic" take in comparison? How do you view the leaps of growth Every Time I Die took between your first records up until your new record?

Keith: I think we just grew as better musicians. I know what Jordan is thinking, and I know what Keith and Josh are thinking. So it’s just gotten easier to make music now.

NP: At this point in your career how much do you care about reactions? Do you still feel you can break in new people, or are you playing to an established choir of Every Time I Die fans?

Keith: I would love to have an army of loyal fans kinda like the "Kiss Army." I don't give a fuck about the whole "I’m up on my pedestal, worship me!" type-of-mentality. I want what the warriors had - I want loyal dudes to follow me to hell.

NP: Every Time I Die is at the point, and has been at the point, where you affect a lot of people, and the chance lives with the new release your music brings. How do you feel about being labeled as torch carriers for heavy metal in the somewhat mainstream zone? Do you think Every Time I Die could be a gateway drug for kids into heavy metal, sort of how Pantera was in the 90s?

Keith: I hope not! I hate metal nowadays. Too much ego, and everyone is just a fucking comic book character. I’d like to be a gateway to good music, or someone who always pushes the envelope, so then those kids can make up their minds from then on.

NP: What's left at this point? Are there still things left to challenge Every Time I Die?

Keith: Just to keep making music together for years to come. We’ve hit 10 years, we've toured the world, and we’ve played with Black Sabbath and Slayer. I’d like to be in a movie or something like that. That would be kinda cool.

NP: So what do you have going on this year?

Keith: Well, "New Junk Aesthetic" comes out on Sept. 15th, we leave for tour on Sept. 8th with Brings Me The Horizon, Architects and Oh Sleeper, then we plan to do the international Taste of Chaos Tour with Killswitch Engage and In Flames. It’s been a really good year, plus I’m totally stoked for Christmas time this year as well.

NP: What are the biggest and smallest crowds you've played in front of?

Keith: Oh man, we've played in front of 12 people in North Carolina with Killswitch Engage in 2000, and then we've played in front of like 10,000 to 12,000 on Warped Tour and some European festivals. Either way, it’s cool. We just wanna riff and make ear drums bleed.

NP: Any last words?

Keith: If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly. Also, its 2009, pubes are in; grow a tuft and make that shit look like a wet rat. Peace.

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