Children Of Bodom - Black Dahlia Murder - Skeletonwitch

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Written By: Natalie Perez

When you enter the world of metal a "sea of chaos" ensues, or in this case a "sea of black." Three of the world's best metal bands have come together to create an intense musical atomsphere. Be sure to capture all the chaos that Ohio metallers Skeletonwitch build up, leading straight into the thundering force field of The Black Dahlia Murder, right into the main attraction of the night, Finlanders, Children Of Bodom!


Ever attended a mini-block party? Well now is your chance at experiencing your first one, how about joining in on all the fun with the spiraling circle of black! Hence I mean the crowd of people dressed all in black proudly expressing their love and devotion to one of the three musical acts that were set to set the stage that forsaken night out at the Glass House in chilly Pomona, California.

this act from Athens, Ohio dislikes the fact that not too many people are aware of what type of music they actually perform. I guess it would just be your plain old heavy metal - a very upgraded version. Ohio's Skeletonwitch brought on the fiery blaze for a non-stop 30 minutes, bringing on the skull-crushing and beer-drinking sensation, as the crowd erupted from all angles - singing such songs off "Beyond the Permafrost," and new comer, "Breathing the Fire," due out on October 13th. Some of the head-crushing tunes consisted of "Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery," "Within My Blood," the title track, along with a douse of double trouble off the newbie album, "Crushed Beyond Dust," and "Strangled By Unseen Hands." The front man summed it up best at the end of the set, "Smoke Weed, Drink Beer, and Eat Some F**king Pussy."

01. Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
02. Fire From the Sky
03. Crushed Beyond Dust
04. Upon Wings of Black
05. Beyond the Permafrost
06. Submit To The Suffering
07. Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
08. The Despoiler Of Human Life
09. Within My Blood

The Black Dahlia Murder
The Black Dahlia Murder's 45-minute set nearly brought the house down when the aggressive crowd of metal-heads began to throw each other around like rag dolls while singing along to each and every song that came screaming out of the vocalist.

01. Everything Went Black
02. Black Valor
03. Closed Casket Requiem
04. Necropolis
05. A Vulgar Picture
06. What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse
07. Christ Deformed
08. Miasma
09. Funeral Thirst

Children Of Bodom
Finland's finest musicians, and led by one of the most talented guitarists around, Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom, was the main attraction of the night's metal frenzy. The show began with "Living Dead Beat," and then rolled right into "Hellhounds On My Trail," and "Silent Night, Bodom Night." The band continued their classic chaos with "Hate Me," "Bodom After Midnight," "Are You Dead Yet?," "Blooddrunk," and "Hate Crew Deathroll," dedicated to all the hardcore Children Of Bodom fans within the sea of black.

01. Living Dead Beat
02. Hellhounds On My Trail
03. Silent Night, Bodom Night
04. Hate Me!
05. Follow The Reaper
06. Lake Bodom
07. Bodom After Midnight
08. Are You Dead Yet?
09. Blooddrunk
10. Angels Don't Kill
11. In Your Face
12. Children Of Decadence
13-.Bodom Beach Terror
14. Downfall
15. Everytime I Die
16. Hate Crew Deathroll

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