Iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening

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Iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening
Written By: Dave Brooks

Label: Century Media - Rating:

You ever want your metal to do more than just get all metal on you? Do you think to yourself "Man, I really like this metal," only to secretly wonder if the metal is indeed greener on the other side of the metal fence? Well It's All Happening can help! You get lady screams, lady sings, impromptu jazz breaks, blast beats, break beats, breakdowns, soul passions, metalliriffings, indie dollops and techno times.

Iwrestledabearonce will also injure the young, the old and the mentally handicapped. So BEWARE! You've finally found what you're looking for, but you may get beat half to death.

Oh, nuh uh. "You Ain't No Family" :: Z Snap :: You'll turn into an orphan quickly if you try to understand what is going on here. It's heavy, it's nice. It's horrific, it's beautiful. It's scary, it's welcoming. It's experimental to say the least! You can say this about nearly every track on the album. "White Water In The Morning" follows up in similar fashion. It's weighted, it's cordial. It's disgusting , it's pretty. It's frightening, it's forgiving. "It's all starting again" screams Krysta Cameron. I know! All kidding aside, these songs kill. A little taste of whatever you fancy is just around the corner. 15-30 seconds away most likely.

There's "Danger In The Manger" and a rad keyboard line going down. I'm praying for an indie-jazz piece right now and I get it. What else could they possibly have under their sleeve? A techno beat backed piano intro? Of course! "It's Cold And There Are Wolves After Me"....I have nothing for this title. It did the work for me. A song about love lost. It is serene and pleasant with that "we just met" feel until it realizes that the end was so goddamn rough.

This track "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon". I want me some! (No homo) Death riffing into trance dance beat equals a heavy plus whammy effect gone wild. Ok, there's a harp followed by what sounds like my work's lunch truck horn. Awesome! "Who would of known?" is "The Cat's Pajamas" of an intro vocal. It works for the dance backing and the open chug. A high spot for Krysta's vocals. She takes over the entire song. Her style is unmistakable.

"Pazuzu for the Win" and "Black-Eyed Bush" are showing signs of the album shying away from its manic sound. A more atmospheric and trancey feel is noticeable. As is the missing of the heavies. Oh IWABO, where did you hide them? Could it be in that lost episode of "Eli Cash vs. The Godless Savages"? Sure is a battle for the blast beat hideout if I ever heard one. A clean interlude to dance beat to chugchug achugchug chugness. Awesome samples and keyboards take over and guide you to end of the track.

If you don't chill out, I won't "See You In Shell". Technical heavies are raining down on you. Soaring chorus lifts you up. Jazz infused interludeness pushing you sideways. I won't even get started on the Z axis! Heyyyooooo! Your stay in shell is great and you studio fade away.

Iwrestledabearonce come out with a bang on It's All Happening, but see their best stuff fade down the finish. This might come as a backhanded compliment as the less opaque songs are still pretty damn good. And good news! I have another chick in a metal band to think about for once. Morgan Lander you have been bumped aside for the moment. You'll be back baby, just stop releasing shitty metal albums girl. Hey! Don't you get all crazy with your hormotions. Don't. Krysta's range combined with the technicality and originality of the rest of the dude band makes for a formidable opponent in the metal genre (Hey, you knew going into this chick singer thing that you guys were going to be mostly anonymous. Grow up and grow some tits already, jeez.) IWABO will indeed crush and inspire you. I like this band now and if you can't deal with that, then I guess it's better that it ends this way.

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