Veins Iced Over

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“Veins Iced Over” is trying to make it in the music business, which is almost impossible, and yet they are going to release a four-disc concept trilogy. Obviously they have total faith and passion behind their band. It shows not only in the music, but also in the energy that you can literally feel pouring from every song. Started in alligator alley in Tampa Florida, the band has quickly become well known in metal circles. Obviously these guys have been influenced by old school metal, Iron maiden, Judas Priest and so on. Drawing from these huge metal gods which, in my opinion, were and are the epitome in the genre. The array of input and influences also come from Pete Blakk from King Diamond and some Crimson Glory.

There debut “The awakening” had so many quality tracks that to pick one would be hard, however, “Purgatory" stood out for me. I was always a fan of Judas Priest and it has the same quality as his great songs have. Not to mention, the heavy power chords that have you humming for days. Another track that had me hooked was "Unholy” the second song off their debut “The Awakening." If you are a fan of metal you will have this cranked all the way up to 11. Vocally, Voz has a great range and can hold his own with the sweet riffs and heavy lyrics.

If you’re looking for a dose of old school metal that will take you back to the day when Iron maiden and King Diamond ruled the world and the airwaves, you need to go out get a bottle of Jack Daniels and some beer, get your ripped up jeans on and crank it.

Veins Iced Over is fast- paced, not in the thrash school, but more in the pure classic metal school. These guys have some serious rocking to do, so go buy “The Awakening” and get with the program.

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